Cargo Hall

Cargo Hall

Conveniently located on the south bank of the riverside, The Cargo Hall in South Wharf is definitely a top choice for all types of events. With the majestic Melbourne skyline in full view day and night, this is the perfect place to feel the pulse of the cosmopolitan Melbourne city life.

The industrial designed “blank space” allow you to design and customise the venue according to the needs of your event – it can be modern and hip for your birthday, slick and classy for a corporate event, and dreamy and whimsical for your own fairytale wedding. The pillar-less fully-open venue allows you to be as creative as you can in adapting the space for your event. It can accommodate 220 people for a sit-down event and can house up to 600 people should you host a cocktail. It also has an outside terrace fronting the river to give your venue access to the outdoors.

Simple yet elegant, hip yet intimate, The Cargo Hall in South Wharf is your perfect bet to an awesome venue for your event.

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